Is Your Password Safe

Updated: Jan 6

We have always heard it. “Your password needs to be kept secret” or “You should really change your password every 6 months” Every 6 months!?!? Really?? Who does that? In a CBS news article by Chenda Ngak, she gave a list of the 25 most commonly used passwords, below is the top 10 from her list:

1. password 2. 123456 3. 12345678 4. abc123 5. qwerty 6. monkey 7. letmein 8. dragon 9. 111111 10. baseball (all sports made the top 25)

If you have a password on this list, then this post is for YOU !! We are rapidly moving into a time when the good old 6 or 7 character password is not even going to be accepted. Many companies and now asking you to enter a password with letters and numbers, and some even ask the one of the letters is a capital letter PLUS a special character.

In order to be truly secure, you need to have a different password for each site you use. I know, how can you keep up with all of those passwords when you can barely remember if you used your dogs name or your child’s name. One trick that works well for many people is this, lets take Facebook as example, if we look at Facebook we notice that the correct spelling of Facebook is with a capital F and the rest are all lower case. Let’s use that for a base for a new password. Next, pick a year, the year you graduated, the year you got married, it does not matter, just pick a year that means something to you. For this example let’s use 2016 (the year you read this article). Make your new password match the exact case of the site your visiting, i.e. Facebook and then add the year that you came up with. Thus, your new password is Facebook2013, or Twitter2013, or whatever service you are using. You will never have to remember how to spell it if you spell it like the site spells it. This way all of your passwords are different, BUT they are all the same.

If you want to see how secure you password is, OR will be, you can go here to get a good idea.

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